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Spin Fever 2

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A large medal machine from Konami. It is the 4th game in the series, following on from previous games Fever, Fever Cyclon, and Spin Fever.

The game comes in two different cabinet colours - Viola Pink and Lute Blue - with different Host and Co-Host depending on cabinet colour.

Like previous work, a total of four stations is provided with a housing units, and the difference between the size of Spin Fever and Cyclone Fever is negligable. The liquid crystal has adopted a horizontal slot, such as physical lottery be held with the theme of pinball in the middle housing element has been changed a great deal more.

Step Fever

By dropping the ball, "Fever Step" is being displayed at the bottom of the screen up one of one from the field. "As you proceed to Step 3 GAME Fever (which is the company's plunge into medal game " Fantastic Fever is a system of taking over form).

Step-up bonus

When dropped the ball in the second step and the first step of Fever step, roulette lottery is performed as a "step-up bonus", you can get a bonus by the results. In addition, there is a hero can sometimes turn to reverse the roulette. At that time, 30 sheets, easy to get a bonus of, 777 DIRECT.

Fever Game

FEVER GAME will be the chance to medal mass, type bonus game continues. If you rush into this game, in fields such as reminiscent of a pinball machine was installed in the center, about 3 cm in diameter iron ball is a ball firing (firing point two places).

On the field there is a bumper of four (the number of shots. Is can be set pieces to 3 pieces. A different setting housing the factory default settings) Withdrawal of the central enclosure Thursday, two for each time one hits be Haraidasa from the mouth. Disk in the center of the field has been established, in the game disk is rotated, centrifugal force blow the ball came to stop by the center.

In two places the side of the field is out-zone, but that is finished FEVER GAME and they entered the ball here, four per each place, there is a blocker called "out blocks" of a total of eight, to prevent out us at. Immediately after the start of the FEVER GAME, but becomes invincible blocker blocker does not come off a certain period of time will blink blue and even hit the ball, after flashing, strong blocker is out and hit the ball once.

Deviations of all eight blockers, blockers of all time is given a certain period of time invincible again revived at that point and at the same time, become a large chance of reversal.

After the end of the FEVER GAME, the ball is one Haraidasa It should be noted.

Jackpot Chance

Is equal to or greater than 100 is paid out, the entire lighting fell, the chance to pocket the jackpot will be open. "There are two places, each" "RED" "BLUE pocket is the number of (RED JACKPOT and chance acquisition of RED JACKPOT" "BLUE JACKPOT" is 0.02 per launch of sheets (1 increase in response to the introduction of Friday, each station to) increase worth, the number of BLUE JACKPOT is sometimes if you have a small number of accumulated JACKPOT SERVICE will fire again). My 0.15 with an increase each time hitting the bumper ball FEVER GAME to (1Hit, the number will increase once ).

When you enter the chance to pocket a ball, the ball is carried to the Krohn lottery jackpot. The Kroon has five holes, it is possible to earn bonus corresponding to the hole went. It is possible after the bonus, the ball returns to the field in the center, to continue FEVER GAME again.

  • 50WIN - 50
  • 100WIN - 100
  • 200WIN - 200

OUTBLOCK RECOVER - block out all of the central field of the resurrection, invincible time is given a certain period of time. JACKPOT RED/BLUE WIN "GAME FEVERCLOSED GAME FEVER).


By winning the "777" in a step-up and bonus slot, SUPER GAME Fever to rush to. The basic rules but FEVER GAME as well as normal, iron ball becomes the ball is fired three more medals can be expected.


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    155 x 185 x 215 cm
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    181 x 152 x 195