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King Kong VR, Machine, Pre-owned

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1 or 2 Player Interactive - The Ultimate Adventure

King Kong of Skull Island™ is the licensed prequel expansion from the original 1930s King Kong film. It was created by Joe DeVito and has spawned novels, art books, and comic books that expand upon King Kong’s origin and his place on the prehistoric Skull Island.

The game ships with 2 Interactive chapters pre-installed.

It is a cinematic interactive VR experience for up to 2 players. It weaves dazzling 3-D visual effects, exciting motion seat action, cutting-edge VR displays, and movie-style excitement into an unattended cabinet for the arcade amusement industry.

The player assumes the role of the vehicle driver as they make their way through Skull Island encountering creatures and danger along the way. The player can look all around them and experience Skull Island in a fully immersive VR world. Both players view the world from the driver's perspective.

As the player progresses through the various thrills and excitement of King Kong of Skull Island™, they will encounter multiple interactive scenes. The interactive scenes trigger a dramatic slo-mo event that prompts the user to physically move their arms in order to succeed (motion sensors capture their movements). These scenes have different outcomes depending on the player’s success or failure.

The cabinet features a motion "AirRide" seat platform that is controlled by air compression, making the in-game experience all the more exciting.

"AirForce" Jets also add to the 5G experience and safety features include 3 X motion stop buttons and large player grab handles.

This game does not require an attendant to operate, making it perfect for unmanned sites.


  • Weight:
    454 kg
  • Cubic:
    9.40464 m3
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    126 x 311 x 240 cm
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    126 x 311 x 290