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Fast Gunman, Link Version, Machine

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Link up to 4 Fast Gunman machines.

Coming with new linkable technology to give you and the customer the best experince, giving the oppitunity to play with your friends and family placying against each other to see who has the best aim!

Are you a quick draw? A sharpshooter? You’ll need to be both to do well at Fast Gunman, by Coast-To-Coast Entertainment.

Fast Gunman is a modern version of the old shooting gallery games, meaning that it is like an arcade game, but it not a video game. This is an electro-mechanical (EM) game, where you shoot at real targets to earn points. In this case, the targets are moving 3D bottles that when shot, “break” in half. Once all of the bottles are shot, it will reset the top piece so the bottle can be shot again. Run out of bullets or time, and it’s game over.

Increasing both the challenge and the appeal, players are given a limited amount of bullets and time to finish each of the 8 levels. Levels themselves increase in difficulty as the targets will move faster, while the time to shoot the lit up targets decreases. Bonus rounds are encountered every two levels, while the final bonus rounds adds some extra spice, pushing players to go for the big bonus ticket (or point) winnings. If you have the accuracy and the skill, you’ll come out a winner!


  • Bring the shooting gallery back with the kind of game that cannot be truly recreated on a console or mobile device
  • A true test of accurate and skillful shooting
  • Compact & sharp looking cabinet; great for banking units together!
  • LED lighting is tastefully setup to not overpower the cabinet look while keeping it noticable
  • Biohazard themed artwork and look
  • Single player setup; control the action using the realistic force feedback handgun
  • Four moving targets that “break” and reset themselves
  • 8 levels of play with bonus rounds; finish the final round to win the Ticket or Point Bonus
  • Play just for fun (Amusement Mode) or for tickets. Ticket play is set to ‘ON’ by default.
  • Red numerical LED counters show: Bonus (or Top Score); Bullets left; Time left; Current score & Target Score
  • Comes with a ticket dispenser (optional use)
  • Includes a standard single slot coin acceptor; Card swipe ready


  • Weight:
    210 kg
  • Cubic:
    1.617388 m3
  • Item 1:
    116 x 73 x 191 cm
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    112 x 190 x 240