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About Us 


Zax Amusements is the industry leader in the sales, service and operation of coin-operated amusement equipment. As part of an ever-increasing commitment to our clients, we continue to provide the highest quality and greatest selection of coin-operated products available in the marketplace.

With over 25 years in the industry, we have succeeded and continue to succeed by remaining at the forefront of ever-changing trends in a fast-moving and competitive environment.




Our product range is second to none. We carry equipment and parts from all of the world’s leading manufacturers which is why we can always provide the right equipment to suit your needs.

Whether operating on a revenue-sharing basis or providing equipment through our leasing or sales alternatives, our clients receive priority service from our expansive Spare Parts and Technical Support Department.
The key reasons for our service edge can be attributed to our focus on preventive maintenance, rigorous product testing, attention to detail and our highly experienced technicians.



Benefit from our experience.
Our Consulting division's expertise in the amusement and hospitality industry has benefited both large and small clients with extensive feasibility studies, effective layout designs, and years of practical industry experience which has allowed our clients to achieve maximum revenue from game operations while generating high levels of repeat business from satisfied patrons. We have the experience, and the proven track record to help you make informed decisions that best suit your business’s needs.

Our clients
At Zax Amusements we service the needs of big and small commercial operators, FECs (family entertainment centres), major hotels and clubs, cinemas, bowling alleys, restraints, nightclubs, resorts and all commercial venues that can benefit from the added income and entertainment amusement equipment can provide.