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Since 1979, Intercard Inc. has been the market leader in stored value cards for the amusement and casino industries with over 1100 successful installations around the globe.
About Intercard Inc.
Intercard, Inc. designs and implements Cash Management and Marketing System Solutions for the amusement and entertainment industries. We deliver these through cutting edge technology point of sale systems and by providing the most added value cash management solution to the markets we serve.
Intercard, Inc., began providing management solution systems in 1979 and has grown to become a market leader in stored value cards for the casino and amusement industry and other applications in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia.

Millions of cards, thousands of readers and hundreds of systems later, Intercard, Inc., continues to provide the best systems available to clients all over the world. Management via our secure Cloud Service technology is available anywhere, anytime for multiple locations.

Intercard, Inc. saves amusement and entertainment operations tremendous costs by reducing theft, tracking customers and monitoring inventory and revenue streams over time using one integrated cash management system.

Intercard, Inc. - World Leader in Debit Card Technology! We consistently upgrade our systems offerings.
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iReader (Debit Card Technology)
An integral component of the Intercard, Inc. cash management solution is our debit card iReaders - iNano, iReader, and iReader Eclipse. Considered the most cost-effective debit card readers in the industry today, these readers collect data for transactions and detailed reporting, providing cash control, marketing, reporting, and revenue enhancing benefits that Intercard, Inc. has always provided -- at a lower price.
The Intercard, Inc. Revolutionary iReader® — WiFi, Color screen, large display to attract and amaze with Photo or Avatar and customizable advertisements. Use this powerful debit card reader to promote events, specials, and to keep your customers excited about the games and other facility features they can enjoy!
With the Intercard, Inc. iReader®, any industry or business that can benefit from a stored value card system can now realize new levels of marketing opportunities, advertising opportunities with interactive displays, management control, system efficiency and increased revenue with our cash management solutions. Whether you have one facility or multiple family entertainment centers, the Intercard Inc. proprietary iReader® can easily control a wide variety of functions and equipment from a single, centralized location.
Designed and manufactured by Intercard, Inc. our iReader® is state-of-the-art, yet simple, reliable and built to last in high touch/high traffic environments. Thousands of devices are already in use by our clients.
Intercard, Inc. Innovation through Creation - The Complete Card Reader Solution
iReader allows you to Go Green by using e-tickets or by continuing to use paper tickets while receiving accurate real-time reports of payout percentages.
iReader is great for use on video and redemption games, turnstiles, ticket centers, changers and token hoppers on coin-action games.
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iTeller TabletPOS System
Whether you are opening your first gaming area in your restaurant or expanding your family entertainment business, you need the strategic cash management tools that is the leader in the industry. The Intercard, Inc. cash management product line gives you the advantage you need to beat the competition and increase revenue.
Customers around the world have partnered with Intercard, Inc. since 1979 to get the integrated cash management system they need for their operation. The Intercard, Inc. Point-of-Sale iCashier Station allows you leave the technology to us so you can focus on running and growing your business.
Advantages of iCashier Station cash management systems
Intercard iCashier also provides a full redemption center cash management solution:
Intercard integrates seamlessly with existing POS retail software brands, including: Brunswick Vector Plus, Micros, Micro$ale POS, Qubica AMF, Computer Score, and Steltronic.
Brunswick Vector Plus, Micros, Micro$ale POS, Qubica AMF, Computer Score, and Steltronic
Ease of Payment
Your customers can use their cards to pay for items throughout your facility. This encourages them to prepay at the POS Station:
The Intercard Point-of-Sale system tracks all activities performed by your employees. Each must have a username and password to operate the station, and all transactions they perform are documented through reports. You retain total cash control and have the ability to access real-time account history 24/7 and full reporting of all product sales.
In the past, the upscale arcade debit card systems technology required to process financial reporting programs was often too expensive for smaller businesses. Today, any location can have a sophisticated Intercard, Inc. Point-of-Sale Station without extensive investment in software development and hardware replacements. The Intercard, Inc. Point-of-Sale Station is ready to go as a cost-effective solution with full functionality and benefits for any size facility and budget.
Marketing capabilities and management control are among the top reasons our clients implement Intercard as a central part of their overall operating strategy.
Marketing Opportunities Are Many
Management Control Has Never Been Easier
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The Intercard, Inc. Redemption Control Software cash management product line allows amusement centers to track all redemption transactions: monitor individual customer account histories and maintain an accurate inventory of prizes.
Intercard, Inc. has developed the easiest-to-use and most customer-friendly Cash Management and Marketing System available today. The customer simply presents their card to an attendant, who then uses a standard wireless barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the card and the barcode associated with the prize. No other steps, additional cards or vouchers are required.
The unique barcode on the back of each card allows easy access to each customer’s data. After scanning the card, a very simple screen displays to the attendant allowing them to:
With one mouse click, the Electronic Packing List (.epl) instantly updates your inventory levels. Time and labor savings are tremendous as this process eliminates the need for manual entry of data. The global cash management system also automatically generates a barcode for each prize that will be used at the Redemption Counter.
The Intercard, Inc. Enterprise Back Office Software organizes all redemption product inventories into a table that is organized by description, price, suggested point value and coupon value. Once the tables are created, the system maintains an ongoing inventory of prizes at all locations.
As the prizes are removed from inventory, the system maintains a theoretical inventory. At any time, a Redemption Inventory Count Sheet can be printed for use in taking an actual count of inventory. Finally, the system generates Management Reports that are real time, consolidated, easy to customize, and accessed via the Internet anytime, anywhere.
The Intercard, Inc. Enterprise Management Software generates a variety of reports for your use, including: Inventory Reorder Status, Inventory List, Periodic Transactions, and many more.
Benefits of Intercard, Inc. Management Solutions
Inventory Management-Benefits of the Intercard, Inc. cash management products and services
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Self Service KiosksiTeller (Self Service Kiosks)
Purchase Cards, Recharge Cards, and Check Account History with iTeller from Intercard, Inc.
Dispensing, issuing, or recharging cards just got easier with the Intercard, Inc. iTeller POS retail software. Helping your amusement centers with cash handling system management solutions, the iTeller is easy for your customers to use and easy for your staff to maintain. It's another example that the Intercard, Inc. cash management products are revolutionizing the industry.
A real Game Changer